Should My Company Use Video In Our Marketing Strategy?

The majority of US consumers spend around 6 hours a day watching video.This presents a major opportunity for your company to share and connect with your target audience. With most social media platforms streamlining video and encouraging more video content, your company can place video across multiple platforms in order to create multiple touchpoints with current and prospective customers. Another benefit is that it is recyclable. You can post a video tomorrow for your business and then use that same piece to post in the future. If you’re looking to get your message in front of the most potential customers and engage them in a way that most other forms of media can’t, then yes, video should be in your marketing strategy.

Do I Need a Video Production Company or Can I Do This Myself?

With 4k video on smartphones and equipment being fairly inexpensive (at least compared to 12 years ago when I started this company), can’t you shoot and post video for your company yourself? Absolutely! In fact, here is a list of equipment in order to improve your in-house projects.

A major misconception is that you need a videographer to plan, shoot, edit and post every project your company publishes. That’s just not true. Because of video becoming such a common way to communicate with people, we have unfortunately mixed communication with marketing. Communication is simply telling someone information. Marketing is creatively and artistically communication through a story in order to create an emotional response from the viewer while providing the necessary information to educate them.

When you want to quickly share some information on social media, use your smartphone. When you want to tell a story in a creative and unique way in order to really connect and set yourself apart from your competition, hire a production company.

My Goals for Our Clients.

I love learning the story behind businesses. Each one is unique and inspiring. When a company reaches out to us, my goal is to learn as much as possible so that when we propose a strategy for a video or series, it is tied in with their brand and marketing strategy. The work we do is so much more than showing up and having a great shoot. It’s about making sure everyone has the same vision for the project. Making a great video piece for our clients is just part of how we measure success.

As we are planning our strategy, we are constantly thinking about how the video will be delivered and where it will be posted (website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn & television). We do this because we understand how the algorithms favor different size orientations and reaches more people. Upon our final delivery, we custom size every video and identify the file name so our clients know which file goes on which platform. Retainer clients have a digital library that houses every project so that they have easy access and are able to download and share their content. 

I would love the opportunity to get to know about your business and see if we would be a good fit to produce video content for you. When you’re ready, reach out by phone, email or social.

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