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Check out the all-new Video. Social. Podcast. from  Scott Cunningham and Visual Element Media. This podcast focuses on how your business can learn, use and conquer the latest trends and engage your audience using the most effective digital marketing tools. Video. Social. & Podcast.

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On Demand video content from loveLocal

On Demand video content from loveLocal
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Check out one of our recent videos!

Check out one of our recent videos!
Looking for the best part time job in Cambria and Somerset County? Look no further than McIlwain Bus Service!

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VEM (Visual Element Media) has spent the last 10 years working to help small businesses achieve their digital marketing goals.

Our mission has always been to connect customers with their audience and with new potential customers.

How we do this has changed greatly over the years though. Video. Social. Podcast. are the most effect ways to reach your audience today.


The one media that has connected with people ever since its introduction to the public has been video.

  • VEM provides the best quality video and service possible.
  • Video can be taken anywhere because of smartphones
  • Video can be watched on smartphones, computers, tablets and TV
  • People love video. 55% of Americans watch at least one video per day.

By learning your story and adding our creative touch, we connect with the people who need your products and services.


Consumers use social media as a means to share information and keep up on current events.

  • VEM was one of the first local social media companies (2012)
  • People use Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to get information they need.
  • Targeted ads are the best way to get your content in front of customers.
  • Currently, 7 out of 10 Americans use social media. This will only increase.

This number will only go up so why not capture the attention of people who need your product or service?


Radio is making a comeback. Well, kind of…. Podcasting has become an overnight phenomenon.

  • At least 44% of Americans have listened to a podcast (124 million Americans)
  • Podcasts can cover ANY topic (sports, news, health, Matchbox cars)
  • Connect with your audience on a conversational level
  • Our studio accommodates up to 4 people and 4 camera angles!

Talk with your audience in an authentic way. VEM helps you get started and grow your audience every step of the way.

Your company is awesome! 

Let us share your story  


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Just a couple of the projects we have worked on.

  • West Central Equipment
    Authorized dealer of John Deere
  • Damin Printing | Ebensburg, PA
    Everything print
  • Anthony's Pizza | Johnstown, PA
  • Frederick Medical Supplies | Frederick, MD
  • High's Chimney Service | Washington D.C.
  • Gold Rush Diamonds & Boutique | Ebensburg, PA
  • POUR on Center | Ebensburg, PA
    A public house with craft foods and libations
  • Page Bedding | Johnstown, PA