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If your business already has a solid digital marketing strategy, vem might not be the company for you. However, if your business wants to create quality digital content that matches your company mission, then vem could be a great partner for your company. Most companies don’t have the budget to hire a full time production team, nor do they have the ability to produce the content they want in-house. For the past 12 years, vem has been helping small businesses create video, social and podcast content that tells their story in a creative and unique way. Our mission is to make your marketing ambitions become reality through using our skills and creativity.

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Scott Cunnigham, owner, at the Digital
Marketing Summit
in Dallas, Texas.
(photo courtesy: Digital Marketing Summit)

video. social. podcast.

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Video has the ability to capture the attention of a viewer as well as connect with them emotionally. While we develop content for our clients, we make sure the video will able to be used across all social platforms in the best format (vertical, square, wide) in addition we make sure your message and company brand is being properly communicated. Simply, we make video easy. With video consumption rising every year, how can your company begin using video?

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Social media platforms are a great way to communicate the brand, mission and vision of your business. Small business owners are often overwhelmed by producing weekly content not to mention the continuous changes being made to the platforms. We are diligent to keep up with the latest trends. With continuing training, conferences and workshops, be are always learning new ways to utilize video for our clients. By partnering with vem, our goal is to relieve you of the stress of implementing a social strategy.

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Podcasts have become part of most American’s everyday life. One of the benefits of having a company podcast is that it is a gold mine for content. Our team turns one podcast into video clips, graphic quotes, blog posts and as a result your business can share content on every social platform! Our studio allows your to easily record without having to worry about equipment or set up. After all, we want to make marketing your business as easy as possible.

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