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On Demand video content from loveLocal

On Demand video content from loveLocal
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Check out one of our recent videos!

Check out one of our recent videos!
We have had the privilege to produce several videos for Gold Rush Diamonds & Boutique and this is one of our favorites!

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Scott Cunningham, Owner

How I Got Into Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is something you probably hear about on a weekly if not daily basis if you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur or marketer. It’s such a vast topic for discussion and in some circles, has a not so great reputation. In others, it’s the holy grail. I’ll get to that in a little bit.

In 2008 I created a business plan for a production company as part of a college project. I was already producing video for Penn State University and decided to take my plan and officially start my own business. After graduating in 2009, I took my company to Pittsburgh. There I found my niche: small businesses. In May 2015, I returned to my hometown and opened our head office at 104 South Center Street – Suite 307 in Downtown Ebensburg.

We probably all can name at least one person we know who owns a business. They are family members, friends or neighbors. Most business owners do not have the time or resources to devote to continually market their business. Their time is concentrated on running the day to day operations. I wanted to develop a way that they could benefit from video and social content just like the big corporations. My vision is to help share your story through these marketing means to as many people as possible.

If your company is utilizing video and social media and has a great website with stunning graphics, awesome! If not, my team and I would love to sit down with you and talk about the multiple possibilities to create great content for your company. All consultations are free and we don’t make you sign any contracts. Let’s get together and get people talking about your business!

Your company is awesome! 

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Traditional Marketing is Dying… What is the best way to market your company? Print? Billboards? Television? Radio?  How much should you spend on these traditional marketing services? The answer to those two questions cannot be answered in one simple response. The problem is that we have become a society that is[...]
Starting a Podcast Starting a podcast has become as trendy as drinking Starbucks. Everyone is doing it! But why? Are podcasts really that great? Well, it obviously depends on who your audience is. In today’s digital world, we have become consumers of information and enlightenment. We want to know what[...]
How to get more video views on social media When it comes to digital marketing, video can be an extremely useful tool. Video, if created properly, allows you the chance to captivate your audience and put out a message that will draw more people to your brand and get more[...]
What is a good lead? In starting your own business, it’s important to have clients. Without clients, you don’t have a business. Part of a business is making money. Without clients, you don’t make money. So how does a business go about getting clients?  You close leads. When building and[...]

Just a couple of the projects we have worked on.

  • West Central Equipment
    Authorized dealer of John Deere
  • Damin Printing | Ebensburg, PA
    Everything print
  • Anthony's Pizza | Johnstown, PA
  • Frederick Medical Supplies | Frederick, MD
  • High's Chimney Service | Washington D.C.
  • Gold Rush Diamonds & Boutique | Ebensburg, PA
  • POUR on Center | Ebensburg, PA
    A public house with craft foods and libations
  • Page Bedding | Johnstown, PA
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Our Latest Video Release

Bud’s Auto Sales (Beaverdale, PA)