Should My Business Have a Podcast?

Do you have things you want your customers or potential customers to know? Of course, you do! Businesses are finding great success in starting a podcast for their company. This allows them to connect with their base, promote new products or services and collaborate.


How to Start a Business Podcast?

Search Amazon for podcast microphonesConnect it to your computer and start recording. Upload the file to a host site and BAM! You have a podcast. If it’s that easy then why isn’t everyone doing it? Time and Direction. How do we find time to do it? What direction do we want to go? So many started, but never really get off the ground on this great opportunity. Luckily VEM can help.


Podcasting Made EASY!

With our in-house studio, we make recording your podcast simple. We can customize our studio with your branding and color scheme to make it look just the way you want. Another benefit that we provide is our background in branding and marketing. We provide direction, strategy, and research that will assist in making your podcast a success. We offer audio only, single camera and multi-camera filming with post-production.

Check out the sample below from The 306 Podcast by #lovelocal.