Would a podcast help my business?

With the right strategy and distribution, a podcast can be a great way to provide more value to customers while attracting potential new ones. They can be used in various ways, so defining your reason is crucial to its success. Another benefit to starting a podcasts is that they are very multifunctional. If you have the ability to film your recording, you can post the full video, break the video down into multiple shorter segments, and transcribe the audio into a blog post. Seeing all these possibilities, I hope your next question is…

How do I start a podcast for my business?

The easiest (and FREE) way to start a podcast would be to record an audio file right to your smartphone. We suggest making a small investment into some gear that will give your show a more professional sound. This list of gear gives you some entry level gear (and pro gear) to help get your started. You will also want to make sure you find a fairly quiet area where you can record without distraction. From there, you are set to begin producing a podcast.

Take your show to the next level with vem.

If you find the process of managing, producing and distributing your podcast overwhelming, vem is here to help. Use our recording studio, equipment and we will mix, edit and distribute your podcast across all the major platforms including iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud and iHeartRadio. We will also create a logo, thumbnail and cover art for you. This way, you can focus on just delivering great content. Our studio can also accommodate multiple guests or we can livestream a guest from a remote location. Contact us for a free consultation and quote.

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