Video Production

Video is inarguably the future of marketing. Consumers want to watch it. It allows your business to connect with your audience in a personal way. So if you do a quick Google search on the stats, you would be blown away. 2018 is going to be all about video content. Therefore, this should be the year your company gets out and starts utilizing the hottest digital trend

Our Way

What makes us different is that we are able to produce high definition, high production value videos at a great price point. We want to make sure that every business has the opportunity to use this effective strategy for their company. This form of marketing and branding is so versatile because it can be uploaded to sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Another thing you can do is link and embed it into your website, upload it natively to Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram. Here’s an idea, use it in your next email marketing campaign.

The Next Step

As you see, the possibilities are pretty endless and we didn’t even mention mobile. Many companies are trying to handle this cost internally, but end up falling behind because they simply do not have the time to dedicate to it. Let us help you stay consistent in engaging with your audience and promoting your company.

Basic Production:

A basic video is not edited. Just a couple ideas for how you could use a basic video would be: talk about a sale or promotion, testimonials, review a product, or demonstrate a product or service.

Even though it is basic in nature, it is still in high definition. There’s no need to worry about a poor quality or echoing audio. They typically follow the :15 – :30 – :60 format but can be customized for every business. Basic videos are a great way to get fresh, new content out for people to see fast and effectively. Start your new campaign today!

Corporate Production:

If you are looking for a television-style video, this is what you are looking for. Corporate videos are fully produced with lighting (if necessary), audio, script development, strategy, editing and up to 2 hours of shooting.

Corporate is our most popular style. These videos can be used for on television. We will take care of uploading everything and make sure it is in the correct format. Let your company stand out above the competition by having a high quality, engaging video created for your business.

Cinematic Production:

A cinematic video is made in order to create an emotional response from the viewer. They are often scored with sentimental, uplifting or cinematic in their style. Watch our ‘Wake up Entrepreneurs’ below to get a sense of what we are talking about.

Cinematic videos are mostly used for branding purposes or to raise an awareness about a particular subject. We give our cinematic videos a film look and focus a lot of time considering the reaction of the viewer. More importantly, how can we artistically convey the message of our client? Therefore this is powerful method that will make a bold statement about your business.

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