We are thrilled to be actively serving clients with Video and Social Content in Allegheny, Bedford, Blair, Butler, Cambria, Centre, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland counties in Pennsylvania. We are also currently working with clients in Frederick, Gaithersburg, Pasadena, Baltimore, Maryland as well as in the District of Columbia. If you are interested in how we might be able to help your business, we can come to you or you can come to our office and we will offer you a free consultation of our services. Call us at (814) 419-8379 or email us at office@visualelementmedia.com. If you want to stop by, our office is located in Downtown Ebensburg at 104 South Center Street Suite 307.


Video is one of the most powerful forms of communicating with your audience. There is so much information and detail that can be artfully placed in a video that you would never be able to convey in text or a single graphic. See our package samples here.



Social Media continues to evolve and take on new forms. Now with the ability to run ads, social media is a great place to market to your audience. But social media isn’t just about selling to people, it’s about giving them a glimpse into who you are and why you do what you do. That is why we are leading the way with new types of content that will put you way out in front of the competition.



Podcasting is quickly becoming an audience favorite when it comes to connecting and learning about your business. Podcasts are essentially your very own radio show. They can be anywhere from 8-60 minutes or more. We have built a high-quality podcast studio that fits up to 5 guests and also have video podcast capabilities up to a 4 camera set up.


Testimonial from Tim Campbell | Owner, Pro Martial Arts Bridgeville