What is Podcasting? šŸŽ™

Podcasting is essentially having your very own radio show. A podcast can be either audio only or can have video. Our in-houseĀ studios are able to host up to 5 podcasters on a single podcast. We can also produce up to a 4 camera HD video broadcast as well. We then edit the audio into a file that can be uploaded to SoundCloud and your website. If you choose a video podcast, we will create custom graphics/logos for the podcast and edit and upload the file to your Facebook, YouTube, and website.

Why do your customers enjoy podcasts? šŸŽ§

Podcasts are unique because they extremely versatileĀ and personal. Customers want to know more than just what you do. They want to know why you do it. Are you an expert in your field? What are you doing in the community? What are your goals and positions in business? If you produce an audio-only website, people can listen to your podcast while at work, in the car, cleaning the house or anywhere. Video podcasts are great because they introduce a visual aspect where viewers are able to build trust with you. The more familiar a person is with you the more likely they will do business with you.

How do we get started?Ā 

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Check out the sample below of what a podcast could look like!
>> This sample is from The 306 Podcast by #lovelocal