Content Creation

We believe that social media is a personal relationship between a business and the audience on that particular platform. Our goal is to find and develop content that they want to see and engage with. One of the most important things about social media is that it’s not all about the business. What we mean by that is, we won’t blast sales and promos for your company every day. Those types of posts need to be limited in their use. Most social media users are on social media to get information, connect with friends and share what’s happening in their life. content_creationThey don’t want to be bombarded with sales and promotions. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t promote your business on social media, but just that you should be careful not to clog up people’s timelines with your posts.

Our team learns your businessĀ and audience so that we can create engaging videos, graphics and photos. We can also track how well we are doing by using software that lets us see the total reach of the post and total engagement. When someone contacts you on social media, we are immediately notified and if it’s not something we are able to assist with, we make sure you are made aware as soon as possible.

Working With Us

When you work with us, you not only get a content creator, you get a videographer, graphic designer, photographer, copywriter and years of digital marketing experience. All for one simple price.

All of our social media packages are built to give you an all around use of the best forms of content available. By being able to incorporate video, photography and engagement, your audience will be more in tune with happenings at your business.

Every package also includes:

  • monthly strategy session
  • Facebook Ad targeting
  • graphic creation
  • researching trending content
  • monitoring daily activity
  • engaging with users

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