What is branding? Branding is how your company consistently presents itself through its color scheme, logo, mottos and design style. Sometimes small businesses can get caught up in trying to put out different types of marketing in order to ‘change things up’ or stand out. The problem is, people don’t really like change. We want things to, for the most part, stay the same.branding When a business changes design styles, people will often just look over that particular marketing piece because they do not recognize the design. Think of Target. They consistently use their “bullseye” in every publicly released piece.

They and other companies do this because as soon as people see that, they know what company is trying to communicate with them. We take a look at your business and develop a strategy that will create a single logo that your business will use as well as a three color scheme to use in all publicly released piece. We then look at creating a motto for your business and consider they best ways to express who your company really is. Every company has a style. Finding this style is very important because you are looking to create a connection with your consumers who have a similar style.

Our team then works with you as you grow and develop your business to help make sure that your style and story are present in everything you do from designing a new marketing piece, shooting a new video, developing a new social media campaign or having new in-store signage made. You have enough to worry about running the day to day operations of your business, let us help you stay on track with your branding.

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